Erste Hilfe für Ihre FiBu!

Welcome to our website!


FIRST AID for your accounting:

  • If the crystal ball shows fog only
  • If the tax consultant faces despair and invests your profits in sorting your files
  • If you prefer to focus on your business, where you are the specialist
  • If you want to leave "the annoying evil" of accounting for other specialists
  • If you like to understand your figures and want someone to explain them to you
  • If you are looking for someone to "limber up" your data for the tax consultant and constantly keeps you up to date
  • In short, whenever you may need support in accounting, we are here for you


We deal with:

  • Interim solutions / project work in the field of Finance & Accounting e.g. in- and outsourcing, organizational changes, software modifications, software implementation, restructurings
  • Training on any matter of accounting and other business topics
  • Accounting services  (Specifically no tax declarations, we act solely in accordance with § 6 of the german StBerG)
  • Consulting in the field of Finance & Accounting


The accounting standards by which we are working:

  • HGB including BILMOG and BILRUG (also parallel to the court accounting during insolvency)
  • Revenue / profit calculations
  • IAS / IFRS including POC review
  • UGB (Austrian Commercial Code)


Our team:

We are a family run business with decades of experience with diverse accounting software and tools.

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