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Since we started our business in 2014 our list of praise is obviously far from long, here’s the little we can report so far:

  • Currently we attend a long term project in cooperation with a renowned Duesseldorf law office, preparing the local books for several insolvent companies of a medium sized group suiting to HGB. On this  occasion we have acquired knowledge noone ever wants to get familiar with while in a permanent position. Despite undoubted passion for the job you would rather turn the tides than go through the insolvency of the company you are employed at.
  • For a growing number of customers we prepare the local ledger ready for the tax adviser who just has to import the data  into his system and can process the tax declarations faster than by rebooking the whole ledger. We strictly work within the reglementations of §6 of the german Steuerberatergesetz / law on tax accounting and do not create any tax declarations for authorities. This is the business  of the tax advisisors and we are not dealing whithin their bounds. Every business has it's right.
  • In the past we have supported software migrations and implementations and thus have collected experience in cooperation with software houses. We were able to even close program gaps and wipe bugs in a former conversion that have weakened accounting data over longer periods of time. (e.g. Dynamics migration to SAP, implementation and updating of Navision, system change from VARIAL to XAL and a change of XAL to COPIS)
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