Erste Hilfe für Ihre FiBu!


We do not want to sing the long song of praise but there are topics we would like to highlight:

  • One of our solid pillars is the project business.We help our Customers in almost all areas of Finance and Controlling. With our proactive ways and the capability to become aquaintaned with your specialities very quick we often showed our abilty to fill vacancies very swift for interim periodes, we help during staffing shortage as well as we support during restructuring processes. We just finished a project with a german business group in the Chemical industries, where we very successfully supported the yearend closing process for HGB. The customer faced the results of the Coronapandemic in staffing shortage and a lot of internal knowledge was therefore not available.
  • In the past we have supported software migrations and implementations and thus have collected experience in cooperation with software houses. We were able to even close program gaps and wipe bugs in a former conversion that have weakened accounting data over longer periods of time. Mrs. Leidolf uses the benefit of her expertise from prior projects during her employment days. Our last software based project was the switch from an IBM AS400/MAS90 System to the „new world“ of the ERP System Navision. We not only had tips and tricks to show but worked in al topics. With our hands on mentality we do not just sit aside and witness but do whatever it takes to help, we enter PO’s, book invoices, prepare filing or other tasks to unburden to employees during such difficult times.
  • We attended long term projects in cooperation with renowned Duesseldorf law offices, preparing the local books for several insolvent companies suiting to HGB, e.g. of a medium sized group suiting to HGB. On this occasion we have acquired knowledge that we know can use in other projects as well.
  • For serveral customers we prepare the local ledger ready for the tax adviser who just has to import the data into his system and can process the tax declarations faster than by rebooking the whole ledger. We strictly work within the reglementations of §6 of the german Steuerberatergesetz / law on tax accounting and do not create any tax declarations for authorities. This is the business of the tax advisisors and we are not dealing whithin their bounds. Every business has it's right.
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