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So who are we?

We are a small but powerfull family run business as you could say.

Mrs. Leidolf:

After my matura with specialised courses in business administration/financial accounting and englisch I finished a rock solid apprenticeship as industrial sales clerk.
Afterwards I started working as accountant, added a few semester economies at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Science and the training course for the chief management accountant at the chamber of industry and commerce (Bilanzbuchhalter IHK). Within many years of work in diverse accounting departments of a variety of different companies in as many different fields of trade I was able to pick up skills with a range of software products and accounting standards.

Many of these companies I worked in had the following similarities:

    The accounting software, without concern of the brand or version, was installed by software companies and weakly to bad matched with the customer needs. Occasionally the software had mistakes and wrong handlings within modules, some even generated discrepancies in the balance sheet, which on top were simply accepted and not wiped out in cooperation with the more than willing system houses due to a certain aversion towards computing among certain representatives of my craft.

    The diverse departments work together wonderfully as long as selling, buying or working hours are concerned, but why should employees outside of “accounting” load onto their shoulders the burdon of such uncomely things as taxes, continuency guidance or even correct billing of travel expenses?

    The yearly closure of account is unexpected for everybody and starts after office hours within the accounting team, obviously after you sorted bills and receipts for your co-workers.

    The last to be informed about relevant financial matters within the company is the accountant having to book them.

    Unfortunately the accountant is the person not able to pass the invoice into the next receptacle of the inhouse mail as well.


In many companies the accountants, also known as ”the pedants”, killjoys, fatigue administration, or even enterprise misers mutate to the all knowing oracle, enabled to guess what a purchasing manager refers to when he is booking 1000 pieces article X as incoming goods, combined with a delivery note of 20 pieces of product Y combined with a bill of 50 article Z,
approved and totally naturally carries the bundle into accounting.
All done by one look into the crystal ball off course.

This knowledge and countless vexatious discussions about the sense or pointlessness of outsourcing accounting departments to eu or even non-eu countries, the pro’s and con’s of inner company interaction, endless meetings on topics that are exactly determined by law convinced me to follow the train of thought stating that industrial economics is one of the social sciences and listen to the words of a wise Professor:

“Please do what you are educated in and professional at, because out there are enough people who are clueless and charge horrendous amounts of cash. You, my dear students, are asked to go out into the world and show why there is diversification and that it is legitimate to spread jobs among those with expert knowledge!”

Henceforth I did as I was told and went into business for myself with something I am an expert in:
- I handle projects in accounting
- I train accountants
- I have got employees whom I offer a fair compensation, because they are worth it!
- I continuously upgrade my education and pass on my knowledge
- I am an advocate of the strategy that companies are more efficient when the employees understand why they are supposed to do what
- Teamwork forme  means theme oriented, engaged, active, motivated
- I always go for full commitment, because I only accept tasks I am able to handle.

Meanwhile my company exists since 2014 so it is 8 years now. We made our experiences and learned a lot the hard way. After a massive restructuring starting 2018/2019 I can now proudly say that we got new impetus and are in the upswing, not to forget about my 2 loyal employees who always lighten my load.

Professional experience:

Since 2014
Managing Director
Christine Leidolf Buchhaltungsdienstleistungen

>> 2007 - 2013 | Accountant at Invensys Systems GmbH

>> 2003 - 2007 | Accountant at The Continuity Company Deutschland GmbH

>> 2002 - 2003 | Accountant at Omron Electronics

>> 1997 – 2002 (from 1997 until 2000 as part time employee paralleling extramural studies) | Accountant atbr>Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A.

>> 1994 - 1997 | Accountant at Schierle Stahlrohre KG

>> 1993 - 1994 | Correspondent for business information Skandinavia and BeNeLux at Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V.

>> 1991 – 1993 | Apprenticeship to industrial sales clerk at Zamek Nahrungsmittel GmbH & Co. KG

Continuing education:

>frequent updates on ongoing topics in accounting- financial- and taxes, e.g. at the IHK / chamber of industry and commerce
>2010 - 2012  Steuerfachschule Dr. Endriss Bilanzbuchhalterin IHK
>1997 - 2000 International University of applied Science Düsseldorf (former FH D) studies in BWL / economies

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